Zoi Tetta

Zoi Tetta

Early Stage Researcher

University of Patras

Zoi Tetta studied civil engineering at the University of Thessaly in Greece from 2006 to 2011. She holds MSc degree in Analysis and Design of Earthquake Resistant Structures from the National Technical University of Athens in Greece (2011-2012) and a second MSc degree in Earthquake and Civil Engineering Dynamics from the University of Sheffield in UK (2012- 2013). She then started (October 2013) her PhD studies at the University of Nottingham on shear strengthening of existing Reinforced Concrete structures with textile-based composite materials (TRM).

During her training period at the University of Patras, Zoi will investigate the different failure modes of TRM jackets used for shear strengthening of RC members and develop design models for the calculation of the contribution of TRM jacketing to the total shear resistance of RC members.

Speaker sessions: