PYROS to Develop Sustainable, Fire Resistant Composites

The PYROS research initiative aims to develop sustainable, fire-resistant composites for use in the construction and public transport sectors.
During the project participants AITEX and AIMPLAS will examine the opportunity to develop composites using renewable raw materials, both in the polymer matrix and the reinforcing textile structure, as well as investigating the incorporation of flame-retardant additives and fireproof finishes typically used in the textile industry.
Scale-model demonstrators designed for use in the construction and public transport sectors will be produced using the sustainable composites developed.
The project objectives include:

the development of fireproof thermoplastic polymers and heat-stable resins;
the creation of natural yarns with fireproof finishes;
the creation of hybrid yarns by spinning polymers with natural fibre;
the weaving of hybrid fabrics from the resulting hybrid yarns;
the development of natural fibre fabrics with fireproof finishes;
the production of preliminary prototypes of optimised thermoplastic composites for evaluation;
pilot-scale manufacture of demonstrators;
transfer of the project results from the participating technology centres to the relevant manufacturing sectors.

Reproduced from NetComposites Now

Published: 30th May 2017