Gurit Expands Ampreg Range of Wet Laminating Products

Gurit is introducing the Ampreg 31 and Ampreg 36 resins and ancillaries. These new products complement Ampreg 30, which has been recognised with the 2018 Composites UK Innovation in Materials Award.
As with Ampreg 30, the new resins and ancillaries prioritise user health and safety. Featuring a robust resin matrix, they enable excellent mechanical and thermal properties of laminates for the manufacture of large composite structures in the marine, wind and construction industries.
Ampreg 31 and Ampreg 36 come with LRT Light Reflective Technology as a standard addition to the resin matrix, allowing easy inspection of workwear, equipment and workspace for potential resin contamination by means of standard UV lamps.
The new Ampreg resins use the same Ampreg 30 hardeners, all applying the same simple mix ratio and the ability to blend hardeners to achieve a range of intermediate working times.

Published: 20th November 2018